Dahl Custom Homes | Building a New Home Versus Remodeling an Existing One
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Building a New Home Versus Remodeling an Existing One

Building a new home is perhaps one of the most exciting projects you will ever undertake, but it is a lot of work and not for the faint of heart. 

Many potential home buyers begin to scour the market for existing homes, only to find that they cannot find exactly what they want or they feel like they could build their dream home for a comparable price. 

There are a number of benefits when it comes to building a new home from the ground up versus remodeling an existing one. So, let’s take a look at some of those benefits. 

Total Design Control 

This is perhaps the best part of building a home from the ground up: total design control! When you purchase an existing home, changing the layout and moving things around can be costly.

But when you get in on the ground level with a clean slate, you can work with a custom builder like Dahl Custom Homes to achieve the exact design that you want. This is also true of picking out finishes like flooring, fixtures, paint, and more. All of the decisions are yours to make when you build a custom home, so if you can dream it, you can live it. 

More Cost-Effective

It may not seem like it when you hear the terms “brand new” and “custom home.” But building a new home can actually be more cost-effective in the long run than renovating an older one. Older homes are much less efficient than new ones, costing buyers money over time.

They also require much more upkeep and repairs than a brand new custom build. So, while a custom home may seem expensive up front, remember that your home is generally a long term investment. 

Energy Efficiency

It is truly amazing to see the difference between an older home and a newer one in how they consume energy. Older homes are often poorly energy rated, with appliances sucking energy from the grid and costing homeowners money. One of the best parts about building a custom home is that you can build-in many energy-efficient options that will save you a tremendous amount of money over time. 

This includes using modern construction techniques and materials that help to conserve energy, installing energy-efficient appliances that sometimes offer tax rebates, and using heating and cooling systems that work with your home’s structure to maximize insulation in both the warmer and cooler months. 

It’s All Yours

For many buyers, it can be hard to consider a place as “home” when they can’t see past the fact that someone else has lived there before them. This is why so many real estate agents suggest removing personal family photos and effects for sellers who are putting their homes on the market. 

But consider this: when you decide to build a brand new custom home, it’s all yours! You will have the peace of mind that you are the first and only owners of the house, and you have a blank slate where you can make memories for years to come. The home is one of the most personal and unique possessions that any of us have, and building one from the ground up will give you carte blanche to make it your own. 

For assistance with all of your custom home building needs in the Marion, Iowa City, and Cedar Rapids area, please contact us. We would love to discuss your vision for the custom home of your dreams! 

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