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Creating a Home Office You Will Love

dahl custom homes home office tips

Creating a Home Office You Will Love

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to be prepared for the unexpected. Working from home became commonplace for so many people, and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this newfangled way of working is going anywhere anytime soon. With this in mind, it’s time to create a remote home office space that you love. Here are some ideas to help you achieve a functional and fabulous space. 

Small Bedroom Writing Desk

Not every home is capable of supporting a dedicated office space. If you find yourself in this situation, consider a small bedroom writing desk. They often have a smaller footprint, making them an ideal choice for this space, and they can double as a beauty vanity too.

Room for Two

Whether it’s you and your partner who are both working from home or you and a child who is going to school remotely, it’s entirely possible you need room for two people to work simultaneously. Furniture arrangement is essential here because you each may be focusing on different tasks at different times. Partner desks are great for collaboration, but if you need a more individual solution, consider putting desks in opposite corners of the room or partitioning the room with a divider or screen. 

Use Your Vertical Space

If your home doesn’t seem like a natural contender for a home office, you’re not alone. Corporate offices have tons of storage options, supply rooms, and more that make them function at an optimal level. One way to help incorporate organization into your home office is to use your vertical space. Think hanging file folders, vertical shelving, wall systems, and more to help you keep office supplies handy but tidy at the same time.

Add a Pop of Color

Color is a great way to ignite the imagination! Adding a pop of color, whether using paint or even wallpaper, is an inexpensive way to personalize your office space. You want your home office to be inviting and inspiring; a place that you will be happy to report to each day.

What About a Hallway Office?

If space is at a premium and you have several members of your family all “working” from home, consider transforming a hallway into an office. Floating desks and shelving systems are easy enough to install yourself, and you can find them at retailers like The Container Store or IKEA. 

Choose Proper Lighting

Does your home office have a flood of natural light? If not, you want to be sure to choose proper lighting to help you work more efficiently. Floor and table lamps can help with task lighting, but you may also consider installing sconces on the wall. These can be put on a dimmer if you want to control the mood in your office a bit more. Keep in mind, too, that you will want to arrange your lighting and furniture in such a way that you can easily be seen on a Zoom call.

Add Plants and Foliage

Adding plants and foliage is an easy way to bring the outdoors inside. This can be super helpful if you’re logging long hours in your home office. Choose anything that makes you smile, like a vase filled with gorgeous flowers, a small succulent garden on your desktop, or a Fiddle-Leaf Fig tree for the corner of your room.

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