Dahl Custom Homes | Creating Unbelievably Fun Kid Spaces In Your Home
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Creating Unbelievably Fun Kid Spaces In Your Home

Designing a new home is a fun project for the whole family! And as you’re laying out your new space, it’s a great time to establish some kids-only spaces that are unbelievably fun. So think bigger than just bedrooms! Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Reading Nooks
Let’s face it: we all want our kids to read more. And one way to promote that is to create a fun and inspiring reading nook. Carve out a space that’s comfy, cozy, and well-lit. A built-in bench with stylish cushions or throw pillows combined with a nearby bookshelf will make this hard for your kids to pass up, especially if they’re looking for a little alone time.

Craft Rooms
One of the biggest complaints we hear from parents is that they wish there were a dedicated space for their childrens’ toys and craft items. So, why not take the playroom idea a step further and create a dedicated craft room? Adding a flat desk for each child will give them their own space to get creative. And don’t forget to pick the flooring that is easy to clean should something get spilled (and it will), and cabinetry that can hide away arts and crafts supplies.  

Reimagine Bedroom Designs
A child’s imagination is unlike anything else, and a great way to promote creativity is to design their bedroom in a way that speaks to them. Are they incredibly outdoorsy? If so, consider a tent or teepee bed with a wall mural that brings the outside in. If you have a budding artist, why not paint the walls with chalkboard paint so they can express themselves in the privacy of their own bedroom when the mood strikes?

Media Space
Let’s face it: you and your kids probably have very different opinions when it comes to the shows and movies you watch. So instead of arguing over the TV in the main living or family room, create a media space that’s all their own. Consider individual recliner chairs to maximize comfortability and maybe a mini-fridge for their favorite drinks and snacks. This is an excellent place for them to hang with their friends too as they get older! 

Game Room
Whether you have traditional gamers on your hands who like pinball machines or pool, or modern-day gamers who love to play video games, creating a game room is another excellent way to delineate the function of your living or family room. Undoubtedly, you’ll want a game room with a door that closes off from the rest of the house to contain any noise. But you can go crazy with the decor in a game room to maximize the prospect of fun!  

We would love to assist you in building the custom home of your dreams in the Marion, Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City area! At Dahl Custom Homes, we are experts at custom home construction and would love to discuss your project in more detail. 

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