Dahl Custom Homes | How to Pick the Right Flooring for Your Living Room
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how to pick the right living room flooring

How to Pick the Right Flooring for Your Living Room

The flooring choices you make in your home can have a lot of impact! Generally, floors are a large surface area, so they’re one of the first things people notice when they enter. A ton of thought goes into selecting the perfect material even though flooring is partially covered by fixtures and furniture. 

There are so many choices! So, how can you be sure you’re picking the right material? Today, we will cover four common flooring choices that are great for a living room! 


Hardwood is a classic option that comes in light, medium, and dark options. It’s a favorite amongst homeowners for the look and ease of living. Hardwood flooring is quite versatile and can work with various decor styles, including traditional, farmhouse, modern, and more. The most common wood types are oak, walnut, and cherry, but you can also obtain unfinished varieties that give you the ability to stain it to the color of your choice. Hardwood flooring can be a significant asset in terms of resale value, but it’s also costly to install and requires periodic refinishing.


Carpet is by far the most popular choice of floor covering. It’s cost-effective, comes in various colors, piles, and textures, and can even help you save money. Many homeowners choose carpet because it can help keep their homes better insulated in both the winter and summer. But, of course, carpet is more difficult to keep clean, especially if you have children or pets. If you’re interested in carpet, look for stain-resistant options to make your life easier. 


Concrete flooring sometimes gets a bad rap with people thinking it’s cold, too industrial, and should only be used in modern homes. However, concrete can be stained any color or hue you like, which can help soften the look and lead to unlimited design potential. Perhaps unsurprisingly, concrete is incredibly durable and easy to keep clean. Maintenance is minimal, and you only need to seal it once per year. It’s a great choice if you’re environmentally conscious or need an anti-allergy option. 


Vinyl flooring has reigned supreme for years in terms of the most cost-effective flooring option. You can get options that look like wood planks, ceramic tiles, and more. Consumers love the fact that it’s scratch-resistant, easy to clean, holds up well in high-traffic areas, and is water-resistant. Plus, modern technological advances have contributed to the popularity of vinyl flooring because options look so close to natural hardwood or ceramic that it can often be hard to tell the two apart. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly choice, steer clear of vinyl, though. It’s not biodegradable and has a lot of chemicals that can be released during the installation process.

There are so many options for flooring that it can be hard to narrow them down. These are just some of the choices we see our clients make when it comes to living rooms, but the sky’s the limit depending on the look you’re going for. 

If you are considering building a custom home in the Marion, Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City area, please consider Dahl Custom Homes for your needs. We are experts at custom home construction and would love to discuss your project in more detail. 

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