Dahl Custom Homes | How to Pick the Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware
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how to pick kitchen hardware

How to Pick the Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen cabinet hardware can transform the look of what is essentially a wooden box.

Consider your cabinet and drawer hardware the jewelry of your kitchen! While it may seem like a relatively easy decision to make, there are certainly some considerations to keep in mind before you start shopping! 

Beauty & Function:
Ideally, you will want your kitchen hardware to have both, so keep these in mind as you set out on your search. There are so many products on the market these days that look beautiful upon installation, but aren’t made from quality materials that can stand the test of time. Remember: kitchen cabinet hardware will be one of your home’s most frequently used items. It’s high-touch, so you want to select something like solid brass, perhaps, that is durable, won’t chip or tarnish, and will beautify as it ages.

Pulls or Knobs:
What kind of aesthetic are you going for? Start with this question to help you decide if pulls or knobs are a better choice for your cabinets and drawers. Pulls tend to be more contemporary with their sleek lines, so they’re a great choice if you’re going for something more modern. Knobs are more traditional, are easy to install, and can be changed out easily if you want to update your look. They also come in various shapes, colors and materials, giving you a potentially larger selection depending on your design.

Bin and Finger Pulls:
Pulls can be an excellent solution for large drawers that house heavier items like pots and pans. And you can double them up on big drawers larger than 24” wide. You can use pulls on cabinets too, which gives a more vintage feel overall.

These are a great option if you are trying to cover up holes from old hardware that doesn’t have the same dimensions as what you have selected. Backplates also lend texture and dimension to your kitchen, helping your hardware pop against the background. 

Choose a Finish:
Mixed metals are beautiful, but it’s probably best to keep things consistent when it comes to your kitchen hardware. Of course, you can undoubtedly mix pulls and knobs to vary your look, but choose a finish before you start shopping to help streamline your search. Generally speaking, warmer toned spaces with brass look more vintage, while cooler tones with darker cabinet hardware offer a more contemporary look.

Take Good Measurements:
Cabinets and drawers come in various sizes, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve taken good measurements before you look for cabinet hardware. This is especially true for pulls and handles with more than one hole. Before you fall in love with an item, make sure it will fit your project.

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