Dahl Custom Homes | Integrating Black and White Decor Into Your Home
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Integrating Black and White Decor Into Your Home

It’s long been a debate about whether the colors black and white are actually colors at all. Some regard them as the absence of color. But any way you slice it, black and white is a classic combination, especially when it comes to decorating. 

You can use black and white in so many different ways, from modern elegance to warm and welcoming. Here are some ways you might incorporate black and white into your own space!  


 Black and white floors are about as classic as they come. But you need not focus exclusively on the tile! Many designers are painting wood floors in black and white patterns that create drama and a bold first impression. This is particularly true of entryways and mudrooms. Think geometric patterns with a high-gloss finish for maximum impact.


 White shiplap can look very shabby chic. However, if you use it as a backdrop for modern black framed photos, it takes on an entirely different vibe. You could incorporate this look into a hallway, or even a focal wall in your living room. And by using pops of black against it, like throw pillows on a couch or bench or gorgeous black and white artwork, you can quickly achieve the black and white drama you’re after.  


 Crisp, white walls beg for contrast, so consider using a stark piece of black furniture to add texture to your space. This works exceptionally well in entryways, where you might incorporate a lacquered black bench or a charcoal mirror to pop against the white backdrop.  

Black Fixtures

 Cabinet hardware has really upped its game recently. Flat black knobs and pulls look fantastic against white cabinetry in both kitchens and baths. Another idea in this category is lighting too. Black light fixtures look outstanding with the warm glow of a bulb and a stark white background, like white marble countertops or crisp white walls. 


 Another great way to play with a black and white palette is through textiles. Think rugs, drapery, throw pillows, bedding, etc. These are non-permanent ways to work black and white items into your space, but also change them out if you find something that works better. Patterned area rugs can totally change the look of a room. Try a black and white one under your dining room table or coffee table to start getting comfortable with the look.


 Perhaps one of the easiest ways to add a black and white aesthetic to your home is by using wallpaper. There are so many different black and white patterns and prints to choose from! Wallpaper also gives you a little more control over how much black and white you choose to add. You could certainly wallpaper an entire large wall for the ultimate wow factor, or start small with something like a powder room to see if it suits your fancy. Wallpaper has come a long way, so consider peel-and-stick options that are far less permanent than the wallpaper of yesteryear.

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