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outdoor lighting tips

Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Lighting is one of the best ways to create a mood in your home, and the same is true outdoors. Before you meet with a landscaper, consider these outdoor lighting areas for your home that will help maximize both style and safety. You can use these ideas in your backyard, decks, pool areas, front porches, balconies, and more.


Underglow lighting is a great way to incorporate more light at the foundation level in your space. LED lighting can be built into stationary furniture like concrete benches, daybeds, or couches. It creates a beautiful underglow that is chic and sultry.


Sconces are not just for the interior of your home! They are a wonderful way to add more light to your exterior, especially if you lack a pergola or other overhead structure. Sconces come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, so have a ball picking out ones that will brighten up your outdoor space.

Garden Lights

You’ve spent a lot of time picking out plants and tending to your garden, so why not highlight all of the beauty and your hard work by installing garden lights? Garden light varieties are many, like spotlights, small torches, posts, and more. You can incorporate a lot of light this way, which can also help make your outdoor space safer after the sun sets.

Tree Pendants

Got trees? If so, tree pendants are becoming increasingly popular! They are a simple way to add sparkling pizazz to your yard. All you have to do is hang lanterns on your tree branches, and watch how it transforms your space! Keep in mind that lanterns do not give off a tremendous amount of light, so you wouldn’t want to rely on this as your only light source. They are, however, a great way to amp up your style!

Candle Lanterns

To really set the mood, consider incorporating candle lanterns in your space. These work well in all spaces, but are especially perfect for smaller spaces like balconies. They come in many different sizes, shapes and styles, and you can also find battery-powered fake candles if you’re concerned about a fire hazard or needing to replace the candles too often.

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