Dahl Custom Homes | Should I Build a One- or Two-Story Home?
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dahl custom homes one or two story house

Should I Build a One- or Two-Story Home?

As custom home builders, we get this question a lot: should I build a one- or two-story home? There are many different things to consider as you ponder this question, including which layout will work best for your family. Here are some things to keep in mind! 

How Many People Live In Your Home? And How Old Are Your Co-Habitants?

Occupancy matters when it comes to building the perfect home. Depending on how many people live with you, and also how old they are, can help you decide whether or not a one- or two-story home is right for you. For example, single-story homes can typically be built with fewer bathrooms because space in open floor plans is more communal. Then again, if you have a large (or growing) family, the bathroom count will be higher on your priority list, and a two-story home may work better. They also offer a bit more flexibility when it comes to privacy because you can spread the bedrooms out on different floors. This can be beneficial for multi-generational families living together. 

How Long Will You Live In The Home?

When thinking about your timeline for staying in the home, keep in mind your answer to how old the occupants are. Your timeline will play a significant part in determining if a single- or multi-story home is the right choice for you. Older homeowners are flocking to single-story homes for healthy and safety reasons, eliminating the need to go up and downstairs several times a day. If you elect to build a two-story home, you might also consider adding a first-floor master bedroom. This can give you added flexibility and longevity in the home.

What Size Is Your Property?

Here, we are talking about the physical square footage of your lot. How big is it? Single-story homes will take up a good portion of your property, whereas multi-story homes have a smaller footprint. Building a two-story home can afford you space for a larger yard, a sparkling pool, and spa, or a sprawling deck to relax on. Then again, you may be interested in low-maintenance landscaping, in which case a single-story home would work great.

What Is Your Budget?

You may actually be surprised to learn that two-story homes are usually less expensive than one-story models! That’s because there is less surface area and a smaller footprint when you build upward. Foundations and roofs cost a lot of money, and sprawling single-story homes require larger of both. Additionally, you can save on plumbing and wiring costs in two-story homes since the rooms are all much closer together. 

On the flip side, single-story homes only require one HVAC unit, whereas two-story homes might need two. Also, single-story homes tend to resell more quickly because of their popularity. So, there are financial benefits to both. 

We would love to help you build the custom home of your dreams in the Marion, Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City area! At Dahl Custom Homes, we are experts at custom home construction and would love to discuss your project in more detail. 

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