Dahl Custom Homes | Updating Your Lighting In Your Home
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lighting updates to home

Updating Your Lighting In Your Home

Lighting can seem like such a rudimentary thing, and it’s really one of those things most of us take for granted. So long as the light turns on, most of us are good. But if you’re interested in updating your lighting fixtures, or changing the style of your lighting, read on for more tips! 

Layer Your Lighting

It can be difficult to properly layer lighting in your home, but it can easily be done if you keep a few things in mind. Choose a larger fixture to be your focal point (like a chandelier), and then settle on smaller lighting fixtures that help blend into the background. Think table lamps. Keep your color scheme in harmony so that everything coordinates. It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, but you want to ensure that it works together.

Similar Styles

If you’re looking at lighting that has shades, a great way to pair fixtures together is to use similar styles. For example, drum shades. These are common to floor and table lamps, but they also are popular when it comes to pendants and overhead lighting. You can achieve a really clean and cohesive look by outfitting all of your lighting with the same style of shade. Again, they don’t have to match perfectly, but this is an easy way to update your lighting.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Finishes

This comes down to a matter of preference because using a monochromatic color scheme also looks amazing. But don’t be afraid to mix finishes, meaning if you love a fixture that’s polished chrome but also mirrored glass pendants, give it a try and see how it looks! Chances are, you’re going to love it. 

We Love Wall Sconces

Sometimes, having too many lamps around a room can make it feel cluttered. This is generally true of larger spaces that need extra light. But don’t discount wall sconces! We love them because they can really add a lovely focal point to a room, and they come in so many different sizes, shapes, and finishes. Wall sconces are a great way to bookend a piece of art on the wall or to use in a hallway where overhead lighting is sometimes too strong.  

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