Dahl Custom Homes | Using The Color Green In Your Home
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Using The Color Green In Your Home

Whether you’re looking for a new accent piece, wondering what to paint an entire room, or anything in between, green is a great color to consider. It’s a versatile option that can be invigorating or relaxing. It can be subtle or dramatic. The only question when choosing green for interior design is, what shade?

Which Green?

Green is evocative of growth and well-being, abundance and generosity. But if the shade contains too much grey or yellow it can look dingy or sickly. Darker hues are typically more conservative or “masculine”. Muted or pastel greens can make a space feel airy and bring a breath of fresh air into a room that otherwise may have a heaviness to it. To add warmth to your green, add some orange or yellow, but use care not to make it look sallow. Sage can be a great option but you may want to avoid a muddy look by pairing it with more vibrant accents.

How to use it?

In the kitchen, consider deeper blue-green hues, like emerald green. Or for a bit of whimsy, pair jewel-toned cabinetry with a white marble countertop. Green tile, or a small countertop is a fantastic option in a bathroom and looks clean and energizing when paired with white or black. The living room is a great place to bring the outdoors in. Bring life into this typically large space by sprinkling shades of green all around the space in different ways, especially with actual nature in the form of vibrant green plants. If you’re nervous, stick with smaller accents like side tables, throw pillows, or small rugs that can be easily swapped out.

What to pair it with?

When choosing what other colors to put green with, again, you have many options. If you want a retro or vintage feel, pair hunter green with burnt orange or lighten up a deep moody green with shades of white. For a vibrant look pair green with sunny yellow and If you want a jewel-tone heavy look, pair a rich earthy green with burgundies and navy blues. Green and blue are next to each other on the color wheel which means they naturally work well together and will give a serene feel to a space. You can even put different greens together, just make sure they’re on the same side of the color spectrum or they will clash. 

Now that you have some inspiration, go ahead and go green! You won’t regret it.

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