Dahl Custom Homes | What happens during the trimming phase of home building?
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What happens during the trimming phase of home building?

Your house finally looks complete from the outside. You’ve come a long way. The final stage of your building project has now arrived. This is known as the trimming phase. Think of the “trimming” phase of a building project similarly to trimming a Christmas tree, or the trimmings on your holiday meal. This stage finalizes all the details that make a house more attractive and functional, and it doesn’t only involve actual trim such as baseboards, window trim, and molding. Let’s take a look at some of the many elements addressed during this important stage.

Millwork and paint

The obvious component addressed at this time is trim and casing. This millwork includes baseboards, chair rails, picture rails, crown molding, and door and window casings. These elements require meticulous measuring and many may be created and pre-painted off site due to the highly specialized and bulky equipment required. Walls will also get a fresh coat of paint and if there’s any wallpapering to be done, it will happen during this phase.

Countertops, cabinetry and everything in between

Cabinets, plumbing fixtures, vanities, and countertops will be installed. These larger elements present a monumental task and when they’re ready, it will make a huge impact on how complete the inside of your home looks.  

Decorative elements and all the little mechanical things

There are so many little details to consider that make a home look “complete.” Things like mantle pieces, stair balusters, railings, decorative ornaments, mirrors, and light fixtures in places that still need them (often the bathroom) will all be dealt with. 


Finishing the flooring is one of the last things completed. You don’t want paint falling on new hardwood or vinyl dinged up by falling tools. Hard flooring will often be completed before carpeting.

Outdoor elements 

Sometimes, concrete is laid earlier to prevent dirt from being tracked into the home during the building process, but many builders wait until the end so the large vehicles and equipment don’t damage the concrete prematurely. Other outdoor elements such as the patio, walkways, and landscaping are some of the outdoor details that will be finalized.

If you are considering building a custom home in the Marion, Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City area, please call Dahl Custom Homes for your needs. We are experts at custom home construction and would love to discuss your project in more detail.

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