Dahl Custom Homes | What’s In And What’s Out For Home Building In 2022
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What’s In And What’s Out For Home Building In 2022

There are many external factors that drive building trends, but at the end of the day, home owners make the final call about what’s important when making decisions. From smart homes to social kitchens, people increasingly want their homes to not only reflect their style but also their values.

Here are five home building and design trends that we think will dominate in 2022, and 5 that will not.

Homes that care

Sustainable and ethical building is not only good for the environment, it’s good for the bottom line. Homes constructed sustainably reduce costs over time and lead to a higher return on investment. Elements like solar panels and energy efficient lights are still of high value, but builders are also using reclaimed and recycled materials and using materials that are low maintenance and durable so they won’t have to be constantly cleaned with harsh chemicals or frequently replaced.

Homes that are smart

Smart homes aren’t limited to security cameras and smart bulbs. Building a smart home starts at the beginning with planning apps and online purchasing and extends into the building phase with details like built-in charging stations for cars and phones, programmable thermostats, and smart plugs and lights that you control with your phone. 

Homes that change with you

Multifunctional rooms, flexible floor plans, multipurpose furniture, and planning for expansion and contraction in family size are smart ways to add longevity and versatility to a home. Some ideas include planning for a queen bed in a child’s room to allow for growth and changes in life stages or thinking about how a room like a den could be designed to serve another purpose, like a gym.

Homes that incorporate the outdoors

Creating functional outdoor spaces and bringing the outdoors inside isn’t a new trend. But there is growing interest in further reducing the barriers between the outdoors and indoors through elements like fully protected patios, retractable bug screens, water features, outdoor kitchens, retractable outdoor TV’s and sunrooms. This desire to comfortably spend more time outside connecting with nature is only expected to increase.

Homes that are healthy

Unsurprisingly, products used to create a more healthy home are hot in 2022. From tiles that protect against the spread of pathogens to “whole home” air purifiers and advanced safety features, innovation is leading the way to healthier, safer homes.

Now that you know what’s trending in 2022, here’s a sampling of what’s fading fast:

  1. A wood burning fireplace…and then placing a TV above it
  2. Boring walls – leaving white walls bare, gallery walls without personality, word art, and oversized clocks are all out
  3. Faux anything
  4. Minimalism
  5. Open concept floor plans… but also single-use rooms


Whether you’re on board with these trends or not, the beauty of a custom-build home is that you get to call the shots. We are experts at custom home construction and would love to explore your options together with you. Call us today to talk about your next corridor dream home! 

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