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About Dahl Custom Homes



Dahl Custom Homes has been serving the Marion, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City Corridor and creating happy clients in the area for over 12 years through their impeccable craftsmanship, outstanding client service and an innate desire to help homeowners build their custom dream home.


One of the many things that Dahl Custom Homes’ clients have come to appreciate from our outstanding team is that there is no middleman in the custom home building process. Our owners,Ben and Keri, work directly with clients from start to finish. This guarantees that our clients have a spectacular experience from day one. We ensure that you are comfortable with the pricing, the process and receive transparent communication throughout every phase of the custom home building journey – from the start until the day you move into your new home.


Our ultimate goal at Dahl Custom Homes is simple:


Make our clients’ vision a reality, and unlike other companies who simply treat their clients like a number, we genuinely care about building a home – not just a house- for our clients. And, we live to hear the excitement in their clients’ voices and do everything in our power to make this possible.



Our team is proud to provide our clients with a very unique skill that ultimately creates a positive and enjoyable experience.


Ben started working in the construction at the age of 19. He bought his first house when he was 18, made some improvements for flipping and it sold immediately after he put it on the market. He replicated this process several times to create rental properties, and before he knew it, he’d fallen in love with building custom homes.


In turn, Ben thoroughly understands all of the many intricacies involved in building custom homes that meet the exact needs of the home buyer. From knowing the right questions to ask early on to providing concise updates throughout the project, this ensures that each and every client feels cared for and that their needs are a priority.


Keri has been in the interior decorating and staging field for over five years and has a natural eye for beautiful aesthetics. Her ability to translate a client’s unique decor needs into a reality is a talent that results in finishes and curb appeal surpassing any expectations the client may have had.


Her experiences and expertise ties into the fact that Dahl Custom Homes ‘standard finishes’ are actually mid-high end finishes, which ultimately helps clients stay in their budget while still having a custom home that is impeccably built and visually appealing.



If you are interested in learning more about our team at Dahl Custom Homes and how we can assist in building your custom home in the Marion, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City Corridor, please contact us. It would be our pleasure to learn more about your custom home needs and offer details about how we can make this a reality. We look forward to serving you!