Dahl Custom Homes | 2018 Home Holiday Gift Guide
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2018 Home Holiday Gift Guide


Holiday shopping time is in full swing, but we know that finding the perfect gift for someone special isn’t always as easy as it sounds. To help, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite home-oriented items. Cheers to decreasing holiday shopping stress and knowing that you’re giving a gift that the receiver will love!

Cooking + Kitchen Gift Ideas


Whether it’s the latest cooking gadget or one of the classics (cast iron!), here are some ideas for the foodie or home entertainer on your list…


If there’s a griller on your holiday shopping list, this is a gift that will bring the receiver immense joy! The BBQ-er simply connects the iGrill to their grill, inserts a probe and downloads the mobile app. The result – perfectly grilled meat, fish and veggies every time!

Air Fryer  

Is there someone on your list who loves the taste of fried food, but it’s keen on the calories or cleanup that come along with the indulgence? If so, here’s the perfect gift for him or her.

Smart Home Gift Ideas


It feels like this season there are a lot of really cool smart home-related gift options. Here are a few of our favorites!


Protecting your home no longer relies on a third-party company who charges a pricey monthly fee? Ring offers a robust security system all accessible from your smartphone!  

Orbit B-Hyve

For those who love gardening, this gift is guaranteed to be a hit! The B-hyve sprinkler timer allows the gardener on your list to make watering decisions all through your smartphone. Traveling or a busy schedule will no longer have negative effects on their garden!

Home Decor Gift Ideas


Agate Bookends

With polished jewel tones, these gorgeous bookends will make a perfect decorative addition to any study, desk or bookshelf. 

Jo Malone Wood Sage + Sea Salt Candle

Not all candles are created equal, but this one is a definite winner! With an elegant design and sensational smell, this candle perfectly blends the earthiness of the woods with the breaking waves of the ocean.

We hope that your holiday season is filled with health, happiness, delicious food and wonderful times with friends and family. From everyone here at Dahl Custom Homes, we wish you and yours a very happy holiday!

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