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2019 Home Decor Trends You Need to Know About

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday and are all ready to welcome the new year! There are so many reasons that make the new year exciting. It feels like a fresh start for so many things in life. And, that includes your home.

Today, we wanted to share with you some of the hottest trends in home decor and design for 2019! There are so many fun things going on that we’re sure you’ll find at least one to incorporate into your home.

Hello Cacti.

Do you struggle with keeping houseplants alive? If so, we have great news for you and your home this New Year. Cacti are hot! They’re not only low-maintenance but they also work with complimenting your current home decor, no matter what your style is.

Prints are it.

If you associate wallpaper with bland colors, we’ve got news for you. One of the hottest home trends in 2019 is printed wallpaper. From geo prints to bold color patterns, there’s no shortage of vibrancy and style for wallpaper this year. If this trend makes you nervous, think about starting with a small wall – think wall accent color approach.

Grow up.

One more plant trend this year is vertical gardens. There are a few reasons we love this trend.. Vertical gardens take up a smaller footprint in your home and also make a big statement that can easily replace a large mirror or artwork on a wall.

Yes to yarn.

Typically, yarn can conjure up images of a grandma sitting on a rocking chair making a scarf. Well, things have changed when it comes to yarn. It’s becoming a major home decor. Macrame, multi-colored arrangements are fun and can be crafted to fit the aesthetic of any home.

Go natural.

In 2018, there was a lot of focus on tech-obsessed decor, but that’s changed in 2019. Natural materials like concrete, copper and stone are dominating things this year. We love this because natural materials automatically bring an organic and peaceful feel into any home.

Get rich with color.

Though lighter colors can do an amazing job at make smaller spaces feel large, designers this year are favoring rich colors. From dramatic reds to organic greens to statement yellows, there’s a lot of color happening in homes this year.

We don’t suggest going out and painting every wall in your home one of these colors, but definitely have some fun in playing with accent walls and home furnishings. It’s an easy way to give your home a whole different feel without breaking the bank.

Brass is back.

For years, stainless steel and brushed nickel have been the standard for faucets, cabinet knobs and more, but the tides have changed. 2019 is the year we’re welcoming back brass accents. We really appreciate this metal due to the warmth it can bring into a home in a subtle way.

Make it matte.

If you’re looking to create a more relaxed, yet modern feel in your home, a sheen can make all the difference. While semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes definitely have a place in the home, they can often be overly loud, while a matte finish can add a sense of dignity while still being ultra cool. Think about incorporating this trend on a wall, artwork or any other piece that receives a coat of paint.

Turn back time.

Vintage lights are all the rage in 2019 when it comes to home lighting. Pendants and sconces in brass and copper colors are some of the most popular options. This is a great option if you want to shift your home’s look and feel. Lighting can do a lot! So, even a small change or addition can make a huge difference.

We hope this year brings you and your yours nothing but good health and loads of happiness!

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