Dahl Custom Homes | Buyer Demand for Green Homes Is Rising
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Buyer Demand for Green Homes Is Rising

Green, sustainable, energy-efficient. More and more, it seems like these words are becoming a part of our daily conversations, and it’s no surprise!

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) recently released its REALTORS® and Sustainability 2018 Report, and the findings are very interesting.

Here are some key statistics regarding interest in sustainable homes:

  • 61 percent of REALTORS® said that homebuyers are increasingly interested in sustainability
  • 40 percent of respondents said that their MLS has green data fields, and that they used them to promote green features and energy information
  • 71 percent said energy efficiency promotion was very or somewhat valuable

At Dahl Custom Homes, we’re very excited to see these numbers, as they reiterate the fact that the custom homes we’re building in Marion, Cedar Rapids and the Iowa City Corridor are definitely in-line with what homebuyers are looking for.

The report went on to share additional insights around home accessibility and what homebuyers are ultimately looking for when they buy.

  • Neighborhoods that have access to highways (82 percent), commutes that are short (81 percent) and walkability (51 percent).

Another great statistic! The Iowa City Corridor is not only a great place to build a custom home, but it is also an area that provides many of these amenities to its residents.

As far as the actual home is concerned, home features that REALTORS® believe are most important to homebuyers include:

  • 69 percent = comfortable living space
  • 40 percent = quality of doors, siding and windows
  • 28 percent = the home’s utility bills and operation cost

It’s no surprise that homebuyers want a comfortable living space. Who wouldn’t? We sleep, eat, entertain and create memories in our homes, so of course, we build homes to provide the feeling of comfort, regardless of the home’s size or budget.

One of the many great things about building an Iowa City Corridor custom home with Dahl Custom Homes is that these features are standard! We don’t cut corners is building uncomfortable living spaces. We don’t increase our margins by building with cheap products. And, we care about our customers loving each square foot of their custom home.

We also understand that once you move into your Marion or Cedar Rapids custom home, its maintenance needs to fit your budget.

That’s why we prioritize building in a way that supports energy efficiency. Because the more you can save on operation costs associated with your home, the more quality time you can spend with your loved ones not stressing out about high monthly bills.

If you’re interested in reading more about the findings in the REALTORS® and Sustainability 2018 Report, you can read the contents of the full report here.

We hope that this helps you see the value in building a custom home in the Iowa City Corridor, not only to live in, but also to create a long lasting investment for your future.

If you have any questions about building a custom home in Marion, Cedar Rapids or the Iowa City Corridor, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The team at Dahl Custom Homes is here to help you build your custom dream home!  

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