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Functional and Efficient Ideas For New Home Builds

Building a home from the ground up is a wonderful way to customize it exactly to your preferences. It’s essentially a blank slate, which can be an amazing thing for some people who have vision and imagination. And, it’s just one of the many reasons we love getting out of bed every morning. We love that we have the opportunity to work with clients to help them shape the home of their dreams. 

If you’re considering a new home build, here are some ways to take your customization to the next level. Of course, our team is here to help answer any questions you might have as well. 

Energy-Efficient Windows

As you are constructing the framework for your new home, now is a great time to consider adding energy-efficient windows. They help to keep your home insulated in the cold, winter months by keeping heat inside, and they are excellent at keeping your home comfortable during the warmer months too. Upgraded windows also offer improved security and noise reduction.

A Steamy Shower

Is there anything better than a hot, steamy shower, especially on a cold day? We don’t think so! And if you’re building a custom home, you’re in a perfect position to install a steam shower in your master bathroom. Steam showers are not only relaxing for the mind and body, but they are beneficial for your health too. And considering they use about one gallon of water per minute as compared to seven with a traditional shower, they are also an eco-friendly option for your home.

USB Wall Outlets

 If you have stayed in a hotel recently, there is a good chance you’ve had the option of charging your phone or tablet via a USB wall outlet instead of a standard plug. This is an excellent option for your home too! With so many devices these days, having the option of another charging port is really handy. Some perfect places for these include bedside and also in a kitchen island. 

Under-Stair Shelving

For multi-level homes, under-stair shelving is a really interesting way to add additional storage while also creating visual appeal. You can keep the shelving open and exposed to show off your book collection and other knick-knacks, or enclose it if you would like to use the space to conceal unsightly items like off-season gear and clutter.

Window Seats 

There is nothing quite like cozying up with a good book in a window seat, and while you’re building a custom home is the perfect time to add these into your design elevation. Window seats not only create visual appeal, but they also bring in a lot of light to your room. What’s more, they’re also very beneficial for creating extra storage in the way of a hinged bench.

Viewing Under the Stars

Don’t forget to design your outdoor space exactly as you want it as well, which may include the creation of an outdoor theater. Think built-in seating with an outdoor TV! Or for something less permanent, you can also use a pull-down screen and a projector to achieve a similar effect, which would be easy to disassemble and put away during the winter months.

Ingenious Pest Control  

Many homeowners don’t realize that this option exists, but you can actually install a wire into your walls to allow pest control companies to treat your home when needed. It works by allowing them to inject pest control chemicals directly into your walls to eliminate any bugs or critters that may be making themselves at home. This is an excellent item to tackle as you’re building a new home!

We are a custom home builder who specializes in the Marion, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City Corridor. If you’re considering a new home build, we would love to discuss these ideas and more with you! Please contact us today.


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