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How to Make a Statement With Your Ceilings

When homeowners begin working on a design project, there are a lot of common places and items in the home that garner a lot of attention. Construction projects usually include kitchens, bathrooms and places with a lot of foot traffic like entryways, while living rooms and bedrooms tend to be more textile-focused areas (think decor, throw pillows, etc.)

Take a moment to look around your home. You (or the person you purchased from) likely spent a lot of time picking out the perfect flooring because it takes up a considerable amount of real estate. But what many people overlook is the blank palette that mirrors the floor—your ceiling!

There are so many ways that you can incorporate style into your ceiling. Here are some smart ways to use your ceiling to cap your home design!

Light Fixtures

Did you know that ceiling fans are among the most wanted items on a buyer’s wishlist? If you’re looking to change the way your ceiling looks while also adding function, consider installing one! 

They’re great at keeping your home cool in the warmer months, but also helping to distribute warm air from your heater when the weather turns chilly. If a ceiling fan isn’t of interest, look at chandeliers or pendant lights that don’t necessarily have to live in dining rooms or kitchens exclusively. When paired with recessed lighting, they can make a bold statement and have a significant impact. 


Wallpaper is often thought of as a semi-permanent decision because it can be so challenging to remove. But that’s the wallpaper of yesterday! Modern technology has created peel-and-stick wallpaper that’s very easy to install and reposition should you need to. 

This is a fantastic way to add texture, pattern, or something overscale that you would shy away from on a wall. Of course, traditional wallpaper is still very much en vogue. However, design authorities suggest employing the help of an expert installer to get the look just right. This is especially true if you’re dealing with any odd or irregular angles on your ceiling.


Paint is perhaps the most versatile way to add visual appeal to your ceiling. It’s a relatively inexpensive project that most people can DIY in a day or two, and with so many colors to choose from, you can change the entire look of your room rather easily. 

Color choice is important, with design experts pointing to darker shades for ceilings in larger rooms that you want to make feel cozier. Think dark eggplant or a dark brown to help a cavernous space literally shrink. On the flipside, softer shades will help open up a smaller space.


Trimwork is another way to add a different design aesthetic to your ceiling. From wood beams (that could be real or faux) to coffered and trayed designs, the sky’s the limit when it comes to custom ceiling design. 

This is another project that will likely require a call to a local tradesman. You want to ensure that any trim/beams are correctly installed for safety, and also that the lines are perfectly straight. A gorgeous ceiling medallion is another way to incorporate something visually stunning, whether you elect to install trim or not.

We are a local custom home builder in the Marion, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City Corridor. Whether you’re considering building a new home from the ground up or have questions about how to incorporate some of the design ideas above, we would love to speak with you. Please contact us today!

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