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Make Your Home Into a Place of Comfort and Solace

For many of us, this is by far the most amount of time we have ever spent in our homes! It’s human nature to get bored with your current decor, especially when you’ve been looking at it repeatedly for months. Now is a great time to lighten things up and bring some spring and summer trends inside. Here are some ideas for creating a relaxing, safe haven of a home!

Rattan and Wicker

Rattan and wicker are two materials that really remind us of the warmer months! They’re so light and ethereal, but also help add an earthy vibe to your design. Natural elements help us to feel more relaxed too, so incorporating a rattan or wicker chair or table can help change your mood as much as your aesthetic. 

High-Quality Bedding

We spend so much of our lives sleeping that it only makes sense that we are ultra-comfortable while we rest! Investing in high-quality bedding not only looks great but also can help you with a better night’s sleep. Look at sheet sets with high thread counts in organic fabrics that wash and wear well. And don’t neglect your mattress, which should be switched out every eight years.

Raw Wood

Raw wood is so beautiful, and it’s a great way to bring an element of lightness to your home. Whether you’re in the market for a new wood floor that’s finished with a clear or light gray stain, or you’re incorporating raw wood decorative items into your home, this is definitely a trend worth looking into! 


Plants breathe new life into your spaces…literally! And greenery is such an excellent way to change the current look of a room. Think about all of the different kinds of pots available! A quick trip to your home improvement store or nursery can help you fill-up a gorgeous pot and add color and texture.

Painted Cabinetry

2020’s Pantone Color of the year is a lovely shade of navy blue! And if you’re looking for a project that really packs a punch, consider painting your cabinetry. This can be in the kitchen or even a vanity in the bathroom to change things up. And while this year’s color is an inviting shade of dark blue, you can have so much fun with this and truly choose any color that you want! 


Wallpaper is such an excellent tool for dramatically changing the look of a room. And because it comes in so many different patterns, prints, and shades, you can literally achieve any mood or design that you want. It’s best to work with a professional installer because wallpaper can be tricky, especially if you’re working with a repeating pattern. 

But it’s a great way to add visual appeal to a headboard wall in a bedroom, make a dramatic statement in a dining room, or brighten up a windowless powder bathroom.

For assistance with your custom home building needs in the Marion, Cedar Rapids or Iowa City area, please consider Dahl Custom Homes! We are experts at custom home construction and would love to discuss your project in more detail.   

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