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Top Five Home Design Trends In 2023

A new year brings new trends in home design, and one theme that seems to be driving home design in 2023 is creating joy in your home. This can mean different things to each person but if you want to build or spruce up the home you have this year, there are a handful of trends that might inspire you. 

Color and Texture 

Whether vibrant or subtle, bursts of cheerful color are popping up everywhere. No longer content with safe neutrals, homeowners want the color in their homes to reflect their personality while also being evocative and joyful. Aside from paint, that color is often represented in highly textured elements like throw pillows, rugs, tapestries, wallpaper, and upholstered furniture.

Bringing back the 70s 

Low, modular furniture; oranges, yellows, and greens; and bold patterns are aspects of the 70s that are making a bit of a comeback. To keep your design from quickly becoming dated again, consider using these elements in temporary design like throw pillows or smaller pieces of furniture.

Wellness experiences

Chic wellness rooms for meditation and exercise are replacing sterile, boring home gyms or the stationary bike in the corner, and people want more than just a bathroom, they want a spa.

Creating connection to the outdoors and making the outdoors more livable

The ultimate outdoor connection is to create outdoor lounge space that can be enjoyed day and night year round. But not everyone has all that space or budget and while sliding glass doors are on my people’s dream feature list, there are other more affordable ways to feel connected to the outdoors when you’re safe and comfy inside. Large windows maximize views and bring in lots of natural light in a less expensive way than fully glazed walls, and a focus on natural materials and colors borrowed from nature can nurture that outdoor connection. There is also a trend for bringing in plants and plant design that are inspired by less manicured aspects of nature.

Sustainability and natural materials

Along with incorporating natural materials like woods, stone, and plants, many people want to move away from mass produced, cheaply made furniture and accessories in favor of well-made vintage pieces or new, lasting master craftsmanship. From high quality textiles to sturdy, lasting furniture, sustainability and quality are in high demand.

What trends are you the most excited about?  We would be honored to help you add them to your new custom home. Call us today! 319-929-4700

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