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Wallpaper Is Making a Comeback

When you mention the word “wallpaper” to some people, it brings back horrid memories of dizzying prints, installation woes, and the Herculean efforts involved to remove it once you changed your mind. But wallpaper is making a comeback in the decorating world, and what was once a thing of the past has become en vogue again.

This is in part because wallpaper can be such a great way to introduce pops of colors or patterns in an otherwise monochromatic space. Yes, there are some ways you can certainly go overboard with wallpaper, but if you stick to these design suggestions (which include looking for repositionable materials that are easy to remove), you will be sitting pretty!

Pick the Right Room

There is a method to the madness of deciding which room to wallpaper, and expert interior designers agree that less is more, especially if you’re using a bold or busy pattern.

Consider wallpapering your powder room, which is micro compared to other rooms in your house, and the wall real estate more limited. Some other good choices include the wall behind your master bed, or something more neutral in the dining room.

How Many Walls?

If you think back a few decades, you probably remember walking into homes that were overrun with wallpaper on every wall. This is where wallpaper continues to get a bad rap; because people can’t get these burnished memories out of their mind.

But if you choose an accent or statement wall and just paper it, you can create a really dramatic and fun focal point. We mentioned using the wall behind your master bed, but you could also wallpaper a ceiling in an office or the wall encasing a feature window.

Choose Color Wisely

One of the best features of wallpaper is the ability to incorporate prints, textures and color, but you have to be careful about overdoing it. This is particularly true with bold colors that may be appealing to you, but not to other onlookers.

Colors also change depending on the lighting, so be sure to ask for wallpaper swatches and hang them in the room you are planning to use them. Visit them at varying points throughout the day to see how the color changes with the natural light, and make your decision accordingly.

Picking a Pattern

This can be somewhat difficult because there are so many different options when it comes to wallpaper patterns. Have you ever sat down and flipped through a wallpaper book? It can become overwhelming quickly! Take a moment, though, and see which patterns appeal to you, and bookmark those to come back to. This is another time when wallpaper swatches will become your best friend.

And you will have to use your imagination to a degree because a pattern looks quite different on a 6” by 8” sample than it does splayed across your 12’ wall. Many wallpapers come in a variety of colors, so once you have settled on the right pattern for your space, you can drill down a little further and decide which hue you like best.

Materials Matter

Removable, peel and stick wallpaper panels are an excellent choice if you are having trouble committing to wallpaper for the long haul! They are easy to use and damage free, meaning if you get your paper installed and then change your mind a month or two down the line, you can remove it with ease.

A popular place to use peel and stick wallpaper is in a nursery, a room that may be repurposed later in life, or where the style may change as your child grows up. Of course, you can go the traditional route with wallpaper and the paste needed to install it. But just remember, that is a serious commitment, and one that requires the hand of a professional installer.

We hope this post has given you a renewed sense of confidence in bringing wallpaper back into your life! Of course, if you have any questions about custom homes in Marion, Cedar Rapids or the Iowa City Corridor, please contact us! 

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